Hesh 2 Over-Ear Headphone

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Hesh 2 is a comfortable and ultra-durable headphone designed to keep its big, powerful sound in, and unwanted noise out. Its detachable cable features a single-button inline remote that keeps you in complete control of music and phone calls.

  • Powerful refined acoustics and noise isolating fit.
  • Plush over-ear cushions and ultra-durable headband.
  • Call and track control via the in-line microphone and remote.

Tech Specs

Type: Over-Ear
Connection Type: Wired
Noise Isolation: Passive
Driver Size: 40mm
Weight: 180g
In-Line Microphone  In-Line Microphone 
Call & Track Control Call & Track Control

What's in the Box?

  1. Hesh 2 Headphones
  2. 3.5mm Backup AUX Cable
What's in the Box?
Product Setup Instructions


Hesh 2 produces attacking, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals; and precision highs.


Soft ear cushions provide comfort for even your longest playlists.


The headband has a durable metal understructure that can withstand everyday use.


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    This are just amazing, there aren't other words to describe it

    KingBlackSnow, Jul 18th 2019

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    High Quality Sound

    As a middle school student, I go through a lot and the all-day comfort and the amazing sound just brings life into my experience. The headphones are already beautiful, and the Hesh 3's have gone such a great deal further. Thank you!

    Wiley Paver, Jan 25th 2019

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    Better than Beats

    I've had expensive Beats that were smaller and I've own a pair of these Hesh 2. By far these are the best headphones I've owned, great sound, very loud (worn on or off). I workout with them, go running with no problems. They don't move around or fall while bench pressing or doing situps. Gonna buy my sons a pair for Christmas, while I'm ginna upgrade to the wireless.

    T'Challa Jones, Dec 7th 2018

  • 5

    Pretty good.

    I’ve had them for a few years and they are quite comfortable. The sound quality is good. The wire is a bit long for me but I like these headphones.

    Gwyn L, Nov 30th 2018

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    The Best Headphones Ever

    I got these a long time ago in, a now unavailable white pair. I loved them... So much. They don't break, unless you break them. They have lasted me forever. The only reason I have ever needed a new pair is if the other broke. Which my two last ones have, sadly, but not by own fault. Okay, well, I accidentally broke my white ones because I jammed the cord into the wall and broke it, but still. If you just treat them with care and make sure the cord is okay, it's fine. The cord itself is amazing as well, it's very durable with very good protection around the ends of it. The only problem is the earmuffs will start to... flake off, after some years. You can use the same cord for any pair so I keep using the same pair that's all flaked off so I don't have to deal with new ones doing that. Buy new pair, use it till it flakes, take cord, use old one that's all flaked off.

    Zoofy Zoof, Aug 11th 2018

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Hesh 2 Over-Ear Headphone
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