Grind Wireless Headphone

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Widely celebrated for its sleek design and impressive acoustics, the award-winning Grind Wireless over-delivers with the convenience and power of Bluetooth® connectivity and up to 12 hours of rechargeable battery life.

  • Premium materials and widely celebrated acoustics.
  • Bluetooth® wireless with 12-hour rechargeable battery.
  • Call, track and volume control via the built-in microphone and remote.

Tech Specs

Type: On-Ear
Connection Type: Bluetooth® or Wired
Battery Life: Up to 12 Hours
Driver Size: 40mm
Weight: 183g
Bluetooth® Wireless  Bluetooth® Wireless 
Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life
Built-In Microphone Built-In Microphone
Call, Track, Volume Control Call, Track, Volume Control

What's in the Box?

  1. Grind Wireless Headphones
  2. 3.5mm Backup AUX Cable
  3.  Micro USB to USB Charging Cable
What's in the Box?
Product Setup Instructions


Enjoy up to 10 meters of wireless range and 12 hours of battery life.


The built-in microphone and track, call and volume controls keep you in command of your listening.


Supreme Sound™, plush on-ear pillows and a metal headband combine for a comfortable fit.


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    Grind Headphones

    The headphones are great and they deliver all that they they say they will. Also commendable is the packaging. No plastic, just recyclable paper. GOOD JOB!

    scotty, Apr 30th 2018

  • 4


    I love these head phones so much. But there is one problem, I wirelessly connected it to my old iPhone and it worked amazing. When in got my new phone (LG v10) it would not connect to it. So I thought that I might just be my phone so I tried my tablet, and that didn't work either. I tried my iPod thinking that maybe they only connect to Apple products, and it didn't work either. Other than that they are amazing, they have amazing sound. They are also very loud, like sound blocking loud and its awesome. (btw I have the blue ones)

    Bryce Mullins, Apr 17th 2018

  • 5

    Best Headphones Ever

    This is the best headphone I ever used. And its not to pricey.

    Eddie, Apr 8th 2018

  • 5

    Just Awesome...

    These are the best in their price range, so just #goforit .

    Kumar Abhishek, Mar 28th 2018

  • 5


    I use mine for shooting, as well as general Listening. Really cuts the 45 and 308 noise plus listening to Music makes one I think a better shot, More concentration

    Michael E. Hensley, Mar 13th 2018

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Grind Wireless Headphone
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