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Braided Charging Cable
Line+ Braided Charging Cable

$34.99 $11.99
Color Options
Extended Strain Relief
Charge and Sync Devices
Ultra Durable Braided Nylon Cable

How Large is Your Charge?

With Line+ you can choose the amount of power you need - up to 100 watts. USe this chart to determine which Line+ is right for you.

How Large is Your Charge?

“Really durable, never tangles, and comes in cool colors.”

Kevin, Miami

Line+ Braided Charging Cable box and packaging
Tech Specs
Cable Material: Braided Nylon
Voltage drop : 5V, 0.5A -> 350mV(max.)
Cable Length: 4ft, 6ft, or 10ft options


Line+ Braided Charging Cable
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