Give Back


Skullcandy has come a long way since our irreverent beginnings in 2003. Without the support of our local communities, we wouldn’t have made it to 2004, or realized our collective dream. We’ve been fortunate to share our passion with the world, and want others to get opportunities to live at their full potential, starting with Utah—the community that raised us.

For every order placed by Utah customers on, we donate 10% to local state charities that are helping others live at full volume, and that we believe are truly making a difference. It’s our way of saying thanks, at no additional cost to you.


If you're a resident of Utah, we'll donate 10% of your order value to one of the following charities.


Music programs across the country are under constant threat of budget cuts, or being cut altogether. The power of music has been shown to be the most reliable catalyst in improving student and school performance, and LMA is dedicated to giving every one of those students the chance to make music by filling music programs funding gaps in Utah schools.



Music therapists at Primary Children’s Hospital are highly trained to harness the therapeutic qualities of music and to enable patients and families to work toward their physiological, cognitive, emotional and social goals.


Children are the future, and TCC puts them first—every time. They’re passionate about helping children, and have been a pioneer in early childhood mental health by offering comprehensive mental health care for children and families.



The power of a wish brings hope, strength, and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Make-A-WIsh® Utah is dedicated to providing a life-affirming wish experience to every eligible child in Utah when they need it the most. 



Please check back to see how your donations have been used, and what kind of swell 10% in the right hands can make.


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