XTplyo Sport Earbud

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Features TripleLock™ Fit, three proprietary technologies that work together to deliver our most secure and comfortable fit. Pair that with a sweat-resistant design, reflectivity, and our exclusive Ambient Ear Gels, and you’ve got a sport earbud guaranteed to outperform the competition.

  • Uses three technologies (TripleLock™) for ultra-secure in-ear fit.
  • Sweat-proof and lightweight design.
  • Call and track control via the in-line microphone and remote.

Tech Specs

Type: In-Ear
Connection Type: Wired
Noise Isolation: Passive
Driver Size: 9mm
Weight: 16g
Durability Rating: Sweat Resistant
TripleLock™ Fit TripleLock™ Fit
Sweat Proof  Sweat Proof 
In-line Microphone  In-line Microphone 
Call & Track Control  Call & Track Control 

What's in the Box?

  1.  XTplyo Earbuds
  2. 3 Pair Silicone Ear Gels (small, ambient small, ambient med, StickyGels™)
  3. Reflective Cable Management Clip
  4. Travel Bag
What's in the Box?
Product Setup Instructions


Three stability technologies keep your buds locked in place during your most intense activities.


Block out sweat, rain, or other forms of moisture that can ruin your gear.


Stay aware of your surroundings, and make your surroundings aware of you.


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  • 4

    XTPLYO sport earbut

    Very good fit. Stay put. Not much base. I mainly use for listening to podcasts. But I won't be using them with my iphone to listen to music because they are too tinny.

    Stan, Feb 28th 2018

  • 5

    Nice Headphones!

    I really like the sound and feel of these headphones. They're perfect for exercise. They won't fall out of your ear and the little clip that comes with them keeps the cord out of the way. You really can't go wrong with these.

    Ryan, May 5th 2016

  • 5

    Solid headphone

    I've tried both the fox and the strum for working out and both didn't seem to stay fit in my ear. These are dope. They stay put and have decent sound for the price.

    Plyos, Feb 29th 2016

  • 4

    Good Fit

    As someone who always had trouble keeping earbuds in, these are a great solution without having to have something go over your ears too. Sound quality is good, almost as good as my previous 50/50s. Really like how they stay in my ears even when exercising.

    MM, Oct 15th 2015

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XTplyo Sport Earbud
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