Method Sport Earbud

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Skullcandy Method earbuds are sport focused, with DualLock™ Fit that combines two technologies to ensure they stay securely in the ear. Sweat-resistant construction means workouts are worry-free, and a coating of Pureclean® Protection helps keep them clean after every use.

  • Uses two technologies (DualLock™) for a secure in-ear fit.
  • Sweat-resistant and lightweight design.
  • Call and track control via the in-line microphone and remote.

Tech Specs

Type: In-Ear
Connection Type: Wired
Noise Isolation: Passive
Driver Size: 9mm
Weight: 4g
Durability Rating: Sweat Resistant
DualLock™ Fit DualLock™ Fit
Sweat Resistant Sweat Resistant
In-line Microphone  In-line Microphone 
Call & Track Control  Call & Track Control 

What's in the Box?

  1. Method Earbuds
  2. 2 Pair Silicone Ear Gels (small, med, StickyGels™)
  3. Cable Management Clip
Product Setup Instructions


Our StickyGels™ technology is 30% more secure when sweating which boosts in-ear stability.


Welded construction protects sensitive components from moisture that can destroy your earbud.


Off-Axis™ and Fix® tech work to comfortably prevent the ear buds from falling out.


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    These are the best earbuds iv ever owned, these have lasted almost 5 years in perfect condition. they are extremely durable. definitely worth the price. i was lifting something and my right bud got caught in the pull...yanked the wires out of place yet still no outside damage just my right bud dont work. i definitely recommend these earbuds, they make your music more powerful

    HockeyDudeYT, Jun 1st 2018

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    Method Sport

    I had a shipping issue. Long story short, Skullcandy's customer service is rad! Top notch!

    Worth noting, I was initially disappointed with the sound quality and lack of bass. I changed the earbud replacement to a larger size and it fixed everything! Great clarity and bass for the price!

    Thanks, Skullcandy!

    midwestcoast, Mar 30th 2018

  • 4

    Durability needs to be better

    They are really good but I break these every 4 months or so. The durability Isn't that good the right one always breaks. The plastic surrounding the earphone starts ripping of and sucks. I recommend these I wish they would be better. I've bought like 4 plus pairs.

    Crushed, May 17th 2016

  • 5

    Stays and Plays: Somewhat better than your average earbuds.

    Got this pair to replace Uprocks that died. Had to pay to ship them in, but replacements were delivered at no charge. The opportunity to pick a different model was good.Now, these Method earbuds: My grey/black pair came packaged with a little jersey material carrier bag, a grey clip for the chord, and smaller pair of ear gels. When I first tried them on they sat very snugly and were not going anywhere! However, after a time they became slightly uncomfortable, so I popped on the smaller gels. Since the switch I (an AFAB with a slightly above average frame) have not experienced any discomfort, except maybe a little after having them in for a 6+hr study session (probably just from having a thing in your ear). The sound quality is the reliable clarity I have come to expect from Skullcandy. The buds stay in place pretty well through any minor jostling of the cords, so I'm not putting them back in constantly. They've worked pretty well for listening at the computer or out on a stroll. I've not actually tested them with perspiration yet. The pause/play button/mic does what it is supposed to. I'm glad I opted for something more compact since I like my tunes on the go. I do hope these will hold out longer than the Uprocks did. Even if they don't, I now feel pretty comfortable moving forward with the warranty to get a replacement.

    Cloven_Hoof, Sep 3rd 2015

  • 2

    Dont Last

    Had for two months and the right earbud stopped working.

    Devin, Aug 19th 2015

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Method Sport Earbud
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