Chops Flex Sport Earbud

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Chops Flex offers an all-new, light and flexible ear hanger that’s incredibly comfortable and secure. The sweat-resistant design can take on your toughest workouts, while an in-line microphone and remote with call and track control let you charge forward without interruptions.

  • Comfortable and secure fit from an all-new light and flexible ear hanger.
  • Sweat-resistant construction that’s ready to take on the toughest workouts.
  • An in-line mic and remote keep you in control of music and phone calls.

Tech Specs

Type: Earbuds
Connection Type: Wired
Driver Size: 13.5mm
Weight: 17g
Sweat Resistant IPX4 Sweat Resistant IPX4
In-line Microphone  In-line Microphone 
Call & Track Control Call & Track Control

What's in the Box?

  1. Chops Flex Earbuds
What's in the Box?
Product Setup Instructions
Comfortable Security

Comfortable Security

The new light and flexible ear hangers create a super-secure fit that's also very comfortable.
No Sweat

No Sweat

Sweat-resistant construction delivers worry-free reliability through every rep of your workout.
Essential Control

Essential Control

Furthering your ability to focus, an in-line mic and remote put you in control of music and calls.


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  • 5


    I fell in a pool with these in my pocket and they work perfectly. AMAZING!!

    Chase, Jun 10th 2018

  • 5

    Love these!

    I have sensitive ears and inside buds hurt after a half hour. These are so comfortable and sound fine to me. Mostly when I use headphones I'm walking or jogging so I like the sweat resistant aspect too.

    Discord37, May 18th 2018

  • 3


    I had it for just under a year and the front half of the microphone fell off, for whatever reason.
    I don’t know if I had particularly small ears but it always hurts if I keep it in longer than a few hours or else I get my ear.
    Other than that I love the sound quality and that it doesn’t go directly in my ears.

    Chelcy , Mar 27th 2018

  • 2

    Headphone Mic (continued)

    Also forget to mention that the previous issue also causes frequent back to back pausing when your not touching it.

    David Sanchez, Mar 2nd 2018

  • 2

    Headphone Mic

    The Mic on the Headphones go on and off constantly. You breath or walk by people having a conversation it goes off and even when your listening to music you barely touch it, it goes off and the fact it’s near the mouth doesn’t help. So your not in control and there’s no way to turn it off without breaking the Mic off (potentially.)

    David Sanchez, Mar 2nd 2018

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Chops Flex Sport Earbud
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