Method BT Sport Earbud

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Experience the secure fit and sweat resistance of our most popular sport earbud, now with Bluetooth® functionality built into a flexible around-the-neck collar. It’s the perfect balance of fit and function.

  • Sweat-resistant around-the-neck collar and secure DualLock™ fit.
  • Bluetooth® wireless with 9-hour rechargeable battery.
  • Call, track and volume control via the built-in microphone and remote.

Tech Specs

Type: In-Ear
Connection Type: Bluetooth®
Battery Life: Up to 9 Hours
Noise Isolation: Passive
Driver Size: 9mm
Weight: 32g
Durability Rating: Sweat Resistant
Bluetooth® Wireless Bluetooth® Wireless
Up to 9 Hours of Battery Life Up to 9 Hours of Battery Life
DualLock™ Fit DualLock™ Fit
Sweat Resistant  Sweat Resistant 
Built-in Microphone Built-in Microphone
Call, Track, Volume Control Call, Track, Volume Control

What's in the Box?

  1. Method Wireless Earbuds
  2. 3 Pair Silicone Ear Gels (small, med, large StickyGels™)
  3. Micro USB to USB Charging Cable
What's in the Box?
Product Setup Instructions


Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and a 9-hour rechargeable battery set your workouts free.


Sweat-resistant construction means you can worry about your workout, not your buds.


FlexSport™ collar is comfortable and secure and DualLock™ buds won’t fall out of your ears.


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  • 5

    Best BT Earbuds available from Skull Candy.

    Skullcandy has always been my go to headphones. Mainly because of their lifetime warranty. Either way, I have had very little problems with these headphones. Battery life after a year is down to about 7.5 hours. The wire do seems really thin, but have yet to have a problem. Love them, can't wait for the next revision.

    JustinTheJovial, Jun 19th 2018

  • 5

    Excellent quality and amazing customer support

    I had my first pair that worked for 10 months and they had warranty so I contacted customer support and I send my old pair in it took a while to get my new pair but these are the best Bluetooth earphones I’ve ever had.

    Armando , Jun 16th 2018

  • 5


    Absolutely love them. I've been a Skullcandy customer for years an have always loved the quality of their products for the price and the Method BT Sport are no different. I've had them for about a year now and haven't had any issues. I use them mainly while at work so the sweat resistance is great. The other feature is the 9 hour battery. I turn them on when I get to work and they are still on when I get home 10 hours later since I don't play music through them non-stop. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good wireless earbud.

    Greg, Jun 13th 2018

  • 5

    Method wireless

    Wow! The charge lasts 9 hrs practically at full volume. I workout and sweat in them everyday and I never worry about them falling out.
    2 issues. Sometimes it takes a bit for it to connect to my IPhone 8 Plus
    Also I would like for the volume to go up a tad higher.
    Highly recommend them to anyone who wants a worry free great sounding sweat resistant wireless headphone.

    Brothers, Jun 6th 2018

  • 4

    These were a good surprise!

    Ok, I have had mine for a couple weeks now and thought I would write a review. I am coming from some pretty high end headphones (LG Tone Infinum) and bought these as a "transitionary" pair until I can get my Bose headphones.

    I have owned Skull Candy products before and find that their accessories are pretty high quality and have never had an issue with any of them.

    When i paired these and fired up my music, I was very pleasantly surprised at how great they sounded! The wear is comfortable, the earbuds are really nice fitting and great for wearing for hours on end (I have worn mine directly from the charger to the full 9 hours where they turned themselves off) and have had no issues with comfort. They almost vanish. I just may use these for a while longer.

    Now, the ONLY reason this is getting 4 stars from me is that the cable management, I'm not a fan at all. Many times I have to use one earbud, and having the other one hanging or behind my neck is not great.

    If you want something that works, sounds great and are fun, these will do the trick for you!

    Dennis C, Jun 6th 2018

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Method BT Sport Earbud
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