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Ink’d Wireless Earbud

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For all-day listening and comfort, Ink’d® Wireless delivers Bluetooth® functionality in a low-profile and lightweight design that won’t cramp your style. Packing Supreme Sound™ and and up to 8 hours of battery, the flexible collar packs up to 1/3 its original size for easy storage when not in use.
  • Lightweight and low-profile around-the-neck collar.
  • Bluetooth® wireless with 8-hour rechargeable battery.
  • Call, track and volume control via the built-in microphone and remote.
  • Great for all-around listening, but not water- or sweat-resistant. If you want to workout, check out Method Wireless.

Tech Specs

Type: In-Ear
Connection Type: Bluetooth®
Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours
Noise Isolation: Passive
Driver Size: 10mm
Weight: 24g
Bluetooth® Wireless Bluetooth® Wireless
Up to 8 Hour Battery Life Up to 8 Hour Battery Life
Featherlight Flex Collar Featherlight Flex Collar
Built-in Microphone  Built-in Microphone 
Call, Track, Volume Control Call, Track, Volume Control

What's in the Box?

  1. Ink'd Wireless Earbuds
  2. Micro USB to USB Charging Cable
  3.  2 Pair Silicone Ear Gels (small, med)
What's in the Box?
Product Setup Instructions


Thanks to its featherweight design and low-profile fit, Ink’d Wireless won’t cramp your style.


For easy storage when not in use, Ink’d Wireless’ flex collar allows it to pack up to one-third its size.


Enhanced by a noise isolating fit, Supreme Sound™ delivers rich audio across all types of music.


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  • 4

    @SarahBeight17, Apr 6th 2018

    Keep the warranty

    Id suggest you keep the 2 yr warranty on this bc like most earbuds, one ear bud piece goes out. I loved when I got them the first 6 months, then 1 gave out :( But I found my warranty and sent them off. I'm getting them this week. yayy. They work like heaven, but for some reason there's always a time when one ear bud gives out. That's my experience. :)

  • 5

    Brandon, Mar 31st 2018

    Overall Amazing!

    These headphones are pretty awesome! They have great sound, are flexible, low hassle, and of course great sound quality. They are slim enough to hide under a dress shirt collar (Great for listening to music incognito at places regular headphones can't) Also, they seem to be pretty durable. Accidentally put my pair through a washer dryer combo and they made it out unscathed! Highly recommend a pair of these to anyone that listens to music with earbuds and a smartphone or similar device. A great choice for gym users!

  • 4

    Tyler, Mar 29th 2018

    Awesome Sound!

    I got these for Christmas and they work great! The only drawback is that the wires are thin, making them easier to break. But that's only a slight drawback, all in all, these are great buds, and I would recommend them.

  • 5

    firepear, Mar 28th 2018


    love these they are good for the price only problem i have is the wires are really small i have had bad experiences with durability in the past with small thin wires sound quality is great good treble good bass not to bass heavy like most earbuds out now it has a perfect balance the flexible band is great really flexible and easy to store skullcandy did good on this product highly recormend for the price

  • 2

    M DP, Mar 26th 2018

    Shorted out after 3 months

    Would not recommend, shorted out after 3 months. Would not buy again. Bummer, they worked great for the few months I had them.

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Ink’d Wireless Earbud

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