Sesh True Wireless Earbuds with Stash Mini Battery Pack Sesh™ True Wireless Earbuds with Stash™ Mini Battery Pack

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The Energized Accessory.

Our pocket-size power bank packs 5,000 mAh of juice to keep you charged up, no matter how far you roam from home.

The Energized Accessory.

Join us on a monthly journey of limited-edition product drops as we celebrate how music makes us feel. In January, we’re feeling Energized.

What's Included
Sesh™ True Wireless Earbuds
Charging Case
User Guide
2 Year Warranty Guide
Stash™ Mini Power Bank
Tech Specs
Headphone Type: True Wireless In-Ear
Connection Type: Bluetooth® 5.0
Impedance: 16 Ohms ±15%
Driver Diameter: 6mm
THD: <3% at 1KHz
Sound Pressure Level: 99-105dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Weight: 59.5g (earbuds and case); 106g (earbuds)


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    Really good

    They are really good and i it makes me look the part

    Julius, Jan 17th 2020

  • 5

    You’ll forget they’re there!

    When I first saw these bad boys pop up in my inbox in an advertisement the color is what drew me in. I at first was not going to buy then for a number of reasons but I quickly changed my mind.

    Whilst I have many Skullcandy items (Hesh 2, Wireless Hesh 2, Earbuds) I knew I had to have these to add to my family of Skullcandy Products!

    I am an avid Skullcandy fanatic and the sound of course did not disappoint!

    However I was concerned about them falling out or not staying put or even making my ears sore given how obscenely small mine are but I was shocked, or shooketh as the young kids say these days!.... Young Kids.... Send help, I’m 28 got on 82 over here.

    Whilst the color selection is limited going from boring, boring even more so, to all of a sudden to BAM in your face yellow; thats almost an eyesore and keeps you from lookibg at them to closely, (Maybe it’ll deter people Staring at me in the coffee shop as I help myself to a warm delicious cinnamon roll like rabid wolf.) They stay in! they fit well! They’re perfect for on the go travel and you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

    As a writer I often times strike out light grabbing only the essentials, phone, iPad, Keys and most importantly so I don’t get carted off to jail if ever pulled over;My wallet, and sometimes I forget to grab an audio device to listen to my music with so I don’t disturb others, so I personally keep them with my iPad now so I always have some form of audio device on hand.

    I’m sure I will see another color soon and kick myself for going with the one I did by impulse buying but I am overall happy with said impulse buy. I always say this but I’m going to say it again: you cannot go wrong with Skullcandy!

    Jacqueline Bennett, Jan 13th 2020

  • 4


    I like the color, different from what your used to seeing

    Rodney , Jan 10th 2020

  • 5

    Amazing Quality and Color Scheme to see!

    Amazing product. I bought them thinking oh they must be worth it. For a bit. But when i heard them i was BLOWN AWAY. The sound is great the bass is there and everything looks great. Plus with the extra juice.

    Sifredo Montes, Jan 8th 2020

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Sesh™ True Wireless Earbuds with Stash™ Mini Battery Pack
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