Audio acoustics that matter Any headphone can make sound. But crafting the best audio experience takes something else entirely.


Acoustic Technology


Stereo haptic bass – Sound you feel With dual bass drivers, Crusher transforms your audio into an experience you can feel. Pair that with bluetooth audio and adjustable stereo haptic bass, and you get premium headphone acoustics with powerful, deep bass.


Noise Isolation blocks out distractions Minimize distractions and connect with your music. Our passive noise isolation has a sealed construction with memory foam ear cushions, that protects your ears from external noise, which leads to better sound quality.


Drivers deliver Every note pumped into your ears comes from the drivers inside the headphones. That’s why attention to the driver size, quality, and tuning in every headphone and earbud is so important. Having the right driver takes you from hearing, to feeling.


Audio Technology Check out some of the technology that we jam-pack into your favorite headphones, earbuds, and speakers.