Premium Durability.

Protective Travel Case

Size when closed: 7.875" tall x 4.875" wide x 3.625" deep
Material: PU Leather Hard Cover
Interior Material: Plush Microfiber
Removable interior Pocket


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    Every useful case!

    Alright, lets get this shit straight. This case is actually very useful because not just this bag can carry my headphones, this fricken bag can carry my earbuds with it to and im pretty surprised. Whenever I get hella scared and ask myself if I lost my headphones I always check my travel case and see them in there. Its like a magic box that magically just gives you a 2nd chance! Hol up i ain't done! 1 more... its just skullcandy headphones i put in, I also put in other headphones in here just to hold on to until my friend picks it up. For that... this case.. best 20$ ever spent!

    Alberto Lopez-R, Nov 27th 2019

  • 3

    Good case that should be included with purchase

    These shouldve been included with the purchase of the crusher or crusher 360. At least a combo package. I didn't even know these were available. Definitely a must have.

    Marco, Jul 4th 2019

  • 4


    I bought this as a hard case for my laptop accessories to toss in my bag and not get smashed. It does that well. It’s a little bigger than I expected. 4/5, it’s a good case but nothing extraordinary.

    Kressen, Jun 5th 2019

  • 5

    Should be included when purchasing

    It's pretty cool but I'd rather pay a bit more and get that when buying the headphones instead of making a separate order for them.

    Pablo, May 22nd 2019

  • 5

    Protective travel case

    The best

    Sam andersen, Jan 29th 2019

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Protective Travel Case
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