Air Raid Setup Instructions

Bluetooth ready and loud as hell, Air Raid is the durable, go-anywhere speaker that doesn’t force you to make sacrifices in sound quality. Built like a tank, Air Raid was created as an unwavering companion for the adventurous soul. Scratches are worn as badges of pride and mud stains add character.


Power On

Flip the power switch up. Wait (for up to 5 seconds) for the LED light to turn magenta and the power on tone to be played. Do not press any other buttons during this time.  When Air Raid is on, the green battery LEDs will flash for 2 seconds to show the battery level.  The speaker will attempt to connect to up to 2 devices in the paired device list.  If no paired devices are available for connection, the speaker will enter pairing mode.

Flip the power switch down.  As the speaker powers off, it will play the power down tone and the LED will turn magenta.  It is recommended to disconnect all Bluetooth streaming devices before powering off.

Enter Pairing Mode

When the speaker is ON, press and hold the center button for 5 seconds.  The LED will flash red and blue alternating when pairing mode is entered.  When a device is successfully paired, the LED will blink red 3 times.

Connect to device

When the speaker is not connected to a device and not in pairing mode, short press the center button to attempt to connect to a device from the list of paired devices.  Ensure the device Bluetooth is ON.  When the device is connected, the indicator LED will flash blue once every 5 seconds. Connect up to 33ft away, without interference.

Clearing the Pairing List

To clear the list of paired devices from the speaker, push and hold the + and center buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds while the power is ON.  This will reset the speaker to default pairing mode the next time it is powered on.  Devices will need to be paired again once this has been done even if previously paired.

Multipoint / Multiple Device Support

The speaker supports connecting to up to two audio source devices at the same time. At any one time, only one device's audio will be heard through the speaker.  Thedevice will default to the last steaming device. To switch the playback device, pause/stop the playback on the currently streaming device and  start the playback from the other device directly. Once the playback is established with the new device, control the Air Raid playback from your bluetooth device or the Air Raid device.

Track Functionality

-Music Play/Pause ​Single press center button to Play/Pause
​-Music Track Forward/Back Single press '+' and Center buttons for track forward, '-' and Center buttons for track backward
​-Volume Up/Down ​'+' for volume up, '-' for volume down

Start Music Playback

When the speaker is connected to the device but not streaming music, short press the center button to start streaming.  When the device is streaming, the front LED will be off.

Pause Music Playback

When the speaker is streaming music, short press the center button to pause the playback.

LED Battery Status Indication

Double-press the center button to show the three green battery status LEDs on the side of the speaker.

-Three LEDs indicates 50-100%
-Two LEDs indicates 15% - 50%
-One flashing LED indicates 0% to 15%


Plug the included micro USB to AC adapter into the speaker and a wall outlet.  Charging will begin per the Charging Status below.  A micro USB to USB cable (not included) can also be used to charge the speaker from a powered USB port.

LED Charging Status

At any time when the speaker is charging, the three green battery indication LEDs will flash on and off to signal the device is charging.  When the LEDs stop flashing, the device is fully charged.

Expected Charging Time

When using the included charger (micro USB to AC adapter), a fully drained Air Raid battery will take approximately 2.5 hours to fully re-charge to 100% battery life.

3.5 mm Wired Audio Playback

When the device is not streaming via Bluetooth, plug in a 3.5mm cable (not included) into the rear AUX jack. When playing music through the wired connection the source device must be used to control playback. Track controls on the speaker will be disabled. Volume controls will function normally.  Note that Air Raid defaults to Bluetooth streaming. 


360 Degree Sound

Lay Air Raid on it's back (with the speakers facing up) for equal sound at 360 degrees.  This is especially useful when Air-Raid will be in the center of a group, such as on a picnic table or by a campfire.

Maximum Loudness Comparison

​-Air Raid - 88dB
-Jambox - 72dB (Air Raid is 200% louder)
-Beats Pill - 84dB (Air Raid is 33% louder)
-Nixon Blaster - 86dB (Air Raid is 15% louder)
-JBL Flip - 87dB (Air Raid is 7% louder)


Steel face-plate and removable silicone boot enables Air Raid to hold up to impact. 

Drop Tested

-12 drops at 6 orientations from 2 meters without taking any functional damage
-Water-Resistant ​Speaker can withstand heavy rain & splashes
-Multipoint Enabled ​Connect up to 2 devices simultaneously to the speaker for seamless transition between playback.

Removable Boot

The boot that comes with Air Raid is removable and may be rinsed with water, dried and replaced.

Automatic Power Off

If the device is idle for 5 minutes, it will turn itself off. To turn on, cycle the power switch.

Battery Life

14 Hours battery life at mid volume.  Up to 5 hours at maximum volume.


Device doesn’t charge while playing music at maximum volume…
At maximum volume the amplifier can draw more power than it is possible for the micro USB connecter to provide.  There may be times where the device is plugged in, but the battery is still slowly being drained.  The solution is to turn down the volume until the green charging indicators begin to flash consistently. 

There is choppy audio after connecting to the speaker…
When multipoint (multiple device) is enabled, the Bluetooth chip will search for a 2nd paired device while still streaming music from the currently connected device.  This causes a short section of choppy audio immediately after connection. It should resolve and play normally after approximately 30 seconds. Also, the following will resolve the issue immediately:

Soft Reset: Hold Volume + and the center button for 5 seconds to reset the paired device list and then pair again. Remove Air Raid from Device: Go in to pairing settings on the device and remove or ‘forget’ Air Raid and then pair again. Device charges slowly when connected to computer… When using any charger other than the one provided, the charging time will vary.  When connected to a computer, the current output is less, so charging time will increase Wired audio will not play… If wired audio will not play, make sure that no device is streaming to the speaker.  Disconnect paired devices from the speaker to resolve the issue.