Hesh 2

http://www.skullcandy.com/dw/image/v2/AALZ_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-masterCatalog_Skullcandy/default/dw01dd5fdf/products/Skullcandy_Headphone_HESH2_S6HSGY-374_11_1100_Angle.jpg?sw=600&sh=600&sm=fit Hesh 2
Hesh 2
Hesh 2
Hesh 2

Hesh 2

  • Powerful refined acoustics and noise isolating fit.
  • Plush over-ear cushions and ultra-durable headband.
  • Call and track control via the in-line microphone and remote.



    Hesh 2 produces attacking, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals; and precision highs.


    Soft ear cushions provide comfort for even your longest playlists.


    The headband has a durable metal understructure that can withstand everyday use.

Listen to the Difference
  • Supreme Sound™

    Hesh 2 features Supreme Sound™ technology producing attacking, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals; and precision highs.

  • Made for Comfort

    The headphone’s soft leather touch ear cushions provide endless comfort for your longest playlists.

  • Durable Headband

    The flexible headband features a metal understructure that can withstand the punishment of everyday use.

Designed with Purpose
  • 1-Button Remote and Mic

    A single button in-line remote with mic can take/make calls, play/pause music and cycle through tracks.

  • Detachable Cable

    Hesh 2 has a detachable cable for easy storage. Minimize cable tangle and increase longevity.

Beyond Looks
  • Fit your Style

    The clean and iconic design of the ear cups provide a great surface for multiple colors and patterns. From animal prints to subdued colors, the Hesh 2 can fit your style.

  • Sleek and Simple

    Designed to be sleek and simple Hesh 2 features oversized cans that drive even more powerful sound.

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Hesh 2
Hesh 2
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