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Standard Audio Warranty Information:

Quick "How-To Submit a Claim" Video
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  • Fill out a brief form telling us what happened.
  • Provide proof of purchase with your shipment on which the location of purchase, date of purchase, and original purchase price can be seen.
  • Send in your headphones for analysis.
  • We will email you letting you know the status of your claim. Approved claims will receive a credit toward new headphones.
  • Defective products only qualify if a claim is submitted through this portal. One claim per pair of headphones.
  • For other warranty related questions, visit our FAQ page
  • For Gaming Warranty click here
  • For Portable Speakers Warranty click here
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Our Policy

If you broke them:
If your headphones broke because of something you did, like accidentally step on them or put them through the wash - we have your back! We will hook you up with 50% of the current MSRP value in the form of a coupon code you can use on our website. 

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If it's a manufacturing defect:
If your headphones broke for no good reason, like sound suddenly stops coming out of one ear, then it may be a manufacturer defect. Tell us what happened and we will set you up with 100% of the original purchase price in the form of a coupon code. You must provide proof of purchase with your shipment. The location of purchase, date of purchase, and original purchase price must be visible. Manufacturing defects generally appear within the first year of ownership.

Already Completed a Claim?

What happens next?
Once your warranty claim has been processed and verified, we will send you an email containing your coupon code and instructions on how to use it (only valid on Skullcandy.com).

How long will it take to receive my warranty code?
Please allow up to 5 business days from the time we receive your product for your warranty to be processed.