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State of Skate Vol. 4.2

Sorry guys, I know it’s been a short min, but the Skullcandy website has been going thru a transition to even more awesomeness, and now that the awesomeness is here, it's time again for State of Skate.  2011 is over, and 2012 is here.  It’s gonna be a great year and to get ready, let’s recap on cool stuff that happened the past couple months.
Kellenjamesbluntfbyyoonsul Weskremerfsheel

  Wes Kremer, Kellen James, and the rest of the Skate Mafia premiered their new video in Hollywood in October where everybody came out to tinsel town to check out the Mafia’s new hit.  It’s definitely worth seeing, so go to your local skateshop and buy it to see what the Mafia’s been up to.

   It’s a wrap and in the can…..Nyjah Houston’s “Rise and Shine” premiered Nov 11th on ITUNES….and it was really f@#$*d up.   Wow…’ll definitely be worth the price of admission.  It also was so good, it got him a spot on the newer looking DC skate team.  Congrats Nyjah!  I’m sure we’ll be seeing even more crazier stuff from that dude in 2012.
Mikemocapaldibyyoonsul Steveberrabyyoonsul

   Speaking of new guys on DC……Mikemo Capaldi recently left the Lakai family to rediscover new shoes by joining Nyjah on DC shoes.  DC is starting to really look super hard these days.  Oh yeah…..we can also finally say that Steve Berra is on DC as well, but we all knew that one for a while…..congrats to all you guys.
Neenwilliamsbyyoonsul Shaneandbeaglebyyoonsul Shaneheylbyyoonsul

   Speaking of it’s a wrap….the Shake Junt crew’s new video NOWISON is done as well and is in local shops now.  It’s definitely filled with hijinx and serious street skating.  Beagle and Shane Heyl worked very hard putting this video together, and believe me-you won’t be disappointed.  Get to your local skate shop and cop a copy when you can!  Oh yeah, while you’re at your local skate shop, why don’t you also cop Shane Heyl’s new pro Baker board and Neen Williams new pro Deathwish board.  Congrats boys!
Coryduffelfsnsbyyoonsul Sierrafellerstreflipbyyoonsul

  More video news – the Foundation video “WTF” premiered Halloween weekend in Long Beach.  A definite must see.  Skullcandy pro Cory Duffel, Sierra Fellers, new pro Nick Merlino and the rest of the Foundation team killed it.  A lot of videos to buy at the skateshop this month, and this is definitely on the list.
Markappleyardbs180fakie5-0byyoonsul Markappleyardbyyoonsul

  Mark Appleyard finds a new sponsor with Autobahn wheel company.  Apple’s has also been out in the streets filming some serious street skating,…..we’ll find out very soon what for.

   Manny Santiago has been killing it all year long, and after putting out a crazy video part on his birthday in September, he’s still going strong filming for the upcoming AMMO video.  Along the way, he picked up a new truck sponsor over at Tensor.

  Manny’s Tensor teammate, the man the myth the legend Daewon Song, just put out a Halloween Banging over at the Berrics with some really crazy stuff….we all kinda thought he was a ninja, now we know.
Albertnyberg2byyoonsul Albertnybergbyyoonsul Paulrodriguezbyyoonsul Shaneoneillbyyoonsul Turkeytuckkneebyyoonsul

    Speaking of the Berrics, did you catch Albert Nyberg’s recruit?  There is some seriously innovative street skating in his part, filled with NBD’s at the park everything’s been ABD’d.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more stuff in the states from this phenom from Sweden.  There was also a surprise Bangin’ from the Thanksgiving Turkey on Thanksgiving, a Christmas Bangin’ from Paul Rodriguez, and a New Years Bangin’ from Shane O’ Neil.  The Berrics knows how to get Bangin’ for the Holidays.

   Walker Ryan graduated from the AM class to the PRO class over at Organika and he even has a video part to prove it.  Congrats Walker….welcome to the big leagues!

    SF ripper Peter Romedetta picked up some new threads over at Omit.  Pete joins Chris Cole and Jimmy Carlin  over at Omit, and I’m sure it’s just the beginning.

   Daniel Shimizu was out all last year working on his video part for the Nike SB video the SB Chronicles.  Along with Stephan Janoski, Thrasher’s 2012 skater of the year Grant Taylor, Wieger Van Wageningen, Youness Amrani, Clark Hassler, Lewis Marnell, and Chet Childress, the video premiered Dec. 3rd and is totally worth the couple bucks on iTunes. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say it’s definitely one not to miss.

   Spitfire recently had a release party for Omar Salazar’s  new wheel, alongside his new Nike SB shoe, in Sacramento.  There’s a pretty cool video up at the Spitfire site with Omar, pretty much just being Omar.  They don’t call him Outer Space for no reason.
Casperbookerbyyoonsul Tomknoxbyyoonsul

  News from across the pond….Emerica UK just welcomed Casper Brooker from the Heroin team.  The kid rips and is a great addition. His Emerica teammate Tom Knox just recently had a Emerica/Blueprint video part on the Emerica website showing us his ability to skate those harsh UK spots…..really cool part!

   The French have invaded the US last month.  The Whole Cliché was back stateside doing demos and filming in the streets and taking care of American business.  If you see them in the streets, buy them some freedom fries….they love that shit.

   Ben Fisher was just recently announced as Stack’s new team rider.  The team is looking pretty sick, and they have a promo video up on their website….check it out and congrats Ben.
Seanmaltobssmithersbyyoonsul Seanmaltobyyoonsul

And one more last piece of shoe sponsor info……Sean Malto quits Etnies, and joins the Nike SB team.  Wow…..that one came out of left field, and it sounds like it’s gonna be a real fun year for Sean Malto.  Congrats Sean! 

Well there ya go. If you've been living under a rock for the past two months, you're all caught up. See you next month. -YS



Kellenjamesbluntfbyyoonsul Weskremerfsheel Nyjahhouston5050byyoonsul Mikemocapaldibyyoonsul Steveberrabyyoonsul Neenwilliamsbyyoonsul Shaneandbeaglebyyoonsul Shaneheylbyyoonsul Coryduffelfsnsbyyoonsul Sierrafellerstreflipbyyoonsul Markappleyardbs180fakie5-0byyoonsul Markappleyardbyyoonsul Mannysantiagofspopfeebsbyyoonsul Daewonsongninjabyyoonsul Albertnyberg2byyoonsul Albertnybergbyyoonsul Paulrodriguezbyyoonsul Shaneoneillbyyoonsul Turkeytuckkneebyyoonsul Walkerryanbyyoonsul Peterromedettabyyoonsul Danielshimizubyyoonsul Omarsalazarbyyoonsul Casperbookerbyyoonsul Tomknoxbyyoonsul Clichedudesbyyoonsul Benfisherbyyoonsul Seanmaltobssmithersbyyoonsul Seanmaltobyyoonsul

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